The Great Rematch:
Days after the ESPN Classic broadcast, baseball chat rooms across the country are filled with conversation of intrigue and interest having watched the Hartford-Pittsfield game. A whole new audience of baseball fans have been introduced to this fledgling new baseball sport. News stories appeared throughout the country in many of the largest circulation newspapers complimenting ESPN Classic's broadcast. Many within the vintage base ball network receive numerous inquiries on how to start a vintage base ball club.

A rematch game had been briefly considered between Hartford and Pittsfield for the following day (July 4) at the in-progress Hartford Vintage Base Ball Invitational, but was dropped for logistical reasons and likely fatigue. However, one week later, it was clear both players and fans wanted more. Bouton and Martin discuss an old-fashioned "home and home series" popular during the 19th century. Commonly, clubs would schedule a "best of" series that could take place over several weeks or even months.

A rematch game was agreed to in Hartford for July 31 followed by a final game back at Wahconah Park on Labor Day Weekend. A Hillies win would make the final series game a deciding one.

Hartford's historic Bushnell Park, site of the annual Hartford Vintage Tournament, was once again assembled for old-time baseball. Wood snow fencing was installed, wood/chicken wire backstop built, and a 19th century styled infield created. A small but enthusiastic crowd of 300 attends on a warm Saturday afternoon. Having had time to practice further and learn game-live techniques, the Hillies approached the Senators with aggressive play and free-swinging bats.

The cozy dimensions of Bushnell Park result in four long Hillies homeruns. These are the first homeruns in 74 years by the Hillies. The game remained tight and competitive at 5-4 after eight innings, with Pittsfield ahead. It is a solidly played and snappy 2:15 ballgame featuring many fine defensive plays and drama throughout. A five-run ninth by the Hillies seals victory.

The "home and home" series is now even at 1-1. The deciding game is one month away.