Hartford Base Ball Grounds

The primary ballfield being developed for the vintage tournament will be
located in downtown Hartford's historic Bushnell Park, adjacent to the
popular outdoor dining Pump House Grille, just an overthrow away.

Loosely based on the original Hartford Base Ball Grounds, home of the
National League Hartford Dark Blues of 1874-1876, the ballfield will be
outlined behind the right and centerfield fence with private corporate and
open-to-the-public Entertainment Tents. Completing the ambience will be a
large custom-made manual scoreboard, wooden outfield snow fence, wooden
bleacher seating, picnic tables, benches, chicken-wire backstop, public address
grandstand, concession stands and assorted baseball-related merchandising
tents. See Overview Diagram.

Similar to late 19th century ballfields, the outfield fence will be positioned as a
right-angle "box" shape with right and leftfield fences connecting in
straightaway centerfield. Dimensions will be approximately 290' down each
foul line and 315' to center.

The infield will replicate period-style base ball diamonds with 2-foot wide
"dirt paths" to each base and the remaining area grass only. A "dirt path"
illusion will be created using a brown marker paint application on grass cut
½" in height. The remaining lush infield and outfield turf will be cut to a 1.5"

Player and spectator backdrop views from homeplate will include many of
Hartford's largest office buildings rising high above century old oak and maple
trees that slightly overhang the ballfield (and are in play). Buildings include the
34-story CityPlace, and 20+ story downtown landmarks of Goodwin Square,
Gold Building, Fleet Bank Building, the former Southern New England
Telephone building and residential Bushnell Towers and Bushnell on the Park.

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